Articles of Chairman

Mrs. Khushi Kabir
Mrs. Khusi Kabir, the chairman of Palli Progoti Shahayak Samity is a human development and welfare oriented personality. Economic emancipation of women’s society, eradication of trafficking in women is her best motto and goal. She is known in Bangladesh and abroad as “NARI-NETRI” she expresses her feeling of love and sympathy to the poor and helpless rural people, morally persecuted and oppressed people specially women’s unification and income generation and to exert human rights her main vision and aim.

Her father Late Akbar Kabit the founder of Palli Progoti Shahayak Samity by his noble thought and belief creates this organization. About 70,098 group members in 41 units and 433 staff proclaim his glory and magnanimous contribution. Founders memory is still vivid in our deed and carefully fostered by Pally Progoti Shahayak Samity’s existence.

Chairman, Mrs. Khusi Kabir conveys her heartfelt gratitude to group members of this organization. Their acceptance and support have strengthened this organization ameliorated its position and dignity.
Palli Progoti Shohayok Samity is steadily increasing in its shape, in work-volumes in a befitting process and planning by collective effort of executive committee members. Untiring spirit and conducive work of each executive member has made this organization so successful and stabled.

The chief executive, Alhaj Waliar Rahman Khan by his dynamic and able leadership has made so progress, extension and improvement pertaining its image and reputation up to the mark.

Chairman expresses his cordial thanks to him. Chairman holds his opinion that this organizational activities in wide range all over the Bangladesh will work at near future. He reposes long and prospective life of each associate of this organization well wishers and patrons and she concludes.

With best complement.