Articles of Executive Director

Alhaj Waliar Rahman Khan
He borns at Shirgram, Alfadanga, Faridpur in a respectable zamindar’s family. From his family culture & disposion he was sympathetic to exploited human being from his very boyhood. He was a freedom fighter, took part in the liberation movement in 1971. His contemplation to help the rural poor people to remove their economic exigencies was brought in reality through Palli Progoti Shahayak Samity. Palli Progoti Shahayak Samity consists of about 70,098 group members in 41 units in Faridpur, Gopalgonj, Rajbari, Madaripur, Narail districts. He observed glow of hopes amongst the group members ability and eagerness to earn ensuring well to do life. By their loving cooperation he has eradicated divorce, dowry, under age marriage, wife biting, desertion and superstition from social life of group members in working area.

He describes activities of the organization to create awareness and unity. To foster cooperation and self-confidence, to encourage savings operation of bank A/C removal of illiteracy from the society. Palli Progoti Shahayak Samity’s management is strenuously making effort and good deal in planning and success.

This organization works more in keeping with sanitation installing tubewells for supply of pure drinking water in the locality to provide sanitary latrine to prevent & arsenic causing disease, plantation resisting air pollution. Ensuring good health availability of nutritious food cultivation of vegetables, rearing of milch cow and poultry introduced and maintained amongst group members.
Extending financial cooperation distributing money in tearms of loan (Credit Program). Alhaj Waliar Rahman Khan is happy enough to watch each group member’s spontaneous response and good will to this organization. They people able to lead their life by their own source and entity. He himself feels pride for realization of this nobles ideas and views, he serves man to serve god.
May Allah bless his long sound life so that he may serve the homeless and herthless poor people enabling then to meet basic needs. He is grateful to the founder. Late Akbar Kabir thousands of group members, staff, patrons and well wishers. His hopes and aspiration to render more well fare deed to man kind and bring about a change in their lives. This organization is the source of employment, peace and dignity.

He assures his all out effort to exert its best position by the wholehearted cooperation of staff and members and wise guidelines of executive committee.