Programs that we work out:


  • Micro Credit & micro Finance

    What is Microcredit?

    Micro credits are small amounts of money loaned to clients by banks or other institutions. They can be offered, often without collateral, to an individual or through group lending. Giving loans to poor people has proven to be a success story. Most of the schemes make a profit, and they all help people to help themselves.

    The only source of PKSF gives the fund to PPSS, and those are for different different sectors, like

    1. Rural Micro Credit (RMC)
    2. Micro Enterprise (ME).
    3. Micro Finance & Technical Support (MFTS).
    4. Urban Microcredit (UMC).
    5. Ultra Poor (UP).
    6. Seasonal Loan.
    7. Livelihood Restoration Program (LRP).
    8. Kuwait Goodwill fund for food security in Islamic country.
    9. Agricultural Sector Microcredit.
    10. Emergency Flood Restoration & Recovery Assistance Program (EFRRAP/DML).
    11. Learning and Innovation and Fund to Test New Ideas (LIFT).
    12. Samridhi Prokolpo (ENRICH).

    Studies on microfinance (microfinance refers to loans, savings, insurance, transfer services and other financial products targeted at low-income clients) have shown that:

    • Microfinance help poor families to meet their basic needs;
    • The fact that the poorest and low-income people take advantage of these financial products leads to improvement in socio-economic conditions and guarantees stability and entrepreneurship development.
    • Through strengthening of women’s involvement in economy, microfinance improves the status of women, promotes gender equality and leads to achieve better conditions for households.
    • The efficiency of this kind of financial services depends on the period of their availability to potential clients.

    edu3So long we exercised Rural Micro Credit. Besides that recently we have extended our loan program activities within urban areas too. In view of PKSF’s contemplation our effort we think this new action plan will prove its income generation oriented out look of the idle poor people of the area. The expansion of our Credit Operation to Urban area will ensure improvement life style of the poor alleviating poverty.

    The only source of PKSF gives the fund to PPSS, and those are for different different sectors,like:1) Rural Micro Credit (RMC), 2) Micro Enterprise, ME(GOB), 3) Micro Finance & Technical Support (MFTS) 4) Ultra Poor, UP(GOB)5), Urban Micro Credit (UMC)6), Seasonal Loan, 7) Livelihood Restoration program (LRP), 8) Agriculture sector Micro Credit, 9) Disaster Management Loan (DML).



  • Education

    At present there runs 7 Buniadi school providing education facilities among poor children.Now a days 25 Anondo school providing education among unprivileged and poor children who can not and will not go to normal primary school, public or private due to financial exigencies.And there also runs 5 education support program school. PPSS provide them free education. Textbooks and other teaching appliances articles are supplied by the organization free of cost by their own source. The total strength of student of our 37 School is 2118.One experienced and prudent School Inspector has been appointed for supervision promoting precise teaching method. In every year 2 meritorious students of Buniadi school are getting scholarship for their education.


    PPSS has developed functional education courses among good number of communities of male and female. They are able to sign, putting signature when they receive loan money as precondition and obligation.



  • Health Service, Sanitation & Water (WATSAN)

    PPSS started Arsenic mitigation water supply program particularly in the village of komorpur and afforded good number of home base filters, rainwater harvests, wells and ponds for Arsenic free water supply at that time. which are going on as expanded basis in other working areas too.

    PPSS gives importance to health and sanitation. It has sunk so many tube-wells and provided good number of sanitary latrines among rural peoples of the area by our 3 numbers, health clinics.This sanitation program provided sanitation coverage to 4393 number of family of Boalmari upojela. We are also discharging free medical treatment to the ailing people ensuring their good health.there also runs two unit of health clinic and have one medical Doctor,two medical assistant for free medical treatment. From PPSS the total number of general treatment is 12785 numbers.


  • Training

    PPSS also have a well-established Training center. Where 30 numbers of trainees accommodation is lying with. Others NGO can use it by rental basis if so desire.From the beginning of training center some training provided for 8942 member and those members are self employed now.


  • Social Afforestation

    PPSS distributes vegetable seeds and fruit tree saplings. It has also developed a mini-forest. For economic betterment PPSS provides financial support on credit at 12.5%, 10% service charge (PKSF), a Government sponsored financial institution. Unlike some of the more publicized organizations, PPSS does not deduct any amount at the time of giving the loans. From inception up To date taka 420,75,47,939/- has been loaned to 4,27,648 women and 8672 men for investment in approved projects, the recovery rate is 98.89%.






  • Disaster Management

    PPSS also takes initiatives during disaster and any short of natural calamities. During disaster period, affected people have been given free medical services along with relief and rehabilitation supports from PPSS own fund as well as by joint venture.

    To mention PPSS have played a great role in long durated two times flood in the year 2007. Relief and Rehabilitation activities discharged in keeping with exigencies and our ability among flood victim of our working areas in and around the affected Faridpur district. Free medical treatment and medicine, water-purified tablet, saline water, dry food and clothes etc. were distributed. It is need to be mentioned that Cyclone (SIDR) affected groups members in our Gopalgonj working area have received our support and cooperation in rehabilitation program. We always stand by the destitute and helpless people enabling them to ear their own livelihood restoring human right too. This may be deemed as our regular activities as and when required.