What We Do

Our Working Project

Our motto is to eradicate the financial sickness from the society to create income generation activities to build up social awareness and establishing human rights and to remove illiteracy ensuring good health and sound nation. Anticipating the best-ensured life of the people of our organizational network.

Development Programs

Our total number of Samities——————————————–4856

Our total loan Disbursement——————————————-420,75,47,939

Our total number of loanees————————————-48,671

Loan outstanding—————————————————39,29,07,016

Repayment Rate—————————————————–98.89%

Our total saving—————————————————-12,99,66,071

Our total number of saving holder——————————70,098

Human Resource (stuffs):

Full time employees: —————————–411 numbers

Total Teachers: —————————————-21 numbers